Halloween app claims to make trick-or-treating easier

Halloween apps claims to make trick-or-treating easier
The app allows kids and parents to build a route and see what else might be going. (Source: WAFB)
The app allows kids and parents to build a route and see what else might be going. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new smart phone application aims to make trick-or-treating on Halloween less confusing.

Creators of Next Door, an app that allows homeowners to communicate with one another, has added a feature that lets candy seekers know which houses will be handing out candy this year.

On Friday, ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards, some of the bravest super heroes known to man will invade neighborhoods across the country in search of the tastiest treats that some only devour on Halloween.

Not everyone who lives in Morgan Place West subdivision in Central, La has decorated for Halloween. However, civic association president, David Barrow, said his neighbors are known for dishing some of the finest candy in the land.

"The past couple of years it's been pretty crowded. You walk down the street. There are a lot of people everywhere," Barrow said.

Typically, trick-or-treaters know where they are welcomed. It has become routine for homeowners who are not participating in Halloween to simply turn off their lights. But technology has unleashed a sweet app to make finding the candy trail to those doorsteps a little easier. It is located inside a neighborhood smart phone app called Next Door

"You can post neighborhood notices, post bulletins, garage sales, anything you need to let your neighborhood know what's going on."

Now visitors can find out who is handing out candy too. Next Door allows homeowners who want trick-or-treaters at their doors to place a Candy Corn icon over their houses. Next Door administrators control who can and cannot see the information posted within the app.

"You actually draw in the boundaries of your neighborhood so you can see these are the only people who will get our messages or information."

It allows kids and parents to build a route and see what else might be going.

"If you're having a haunted house or anything special going on for Halloween you can pin point your house on there so that everyone in the neighborhood knows there's something good going on at your house."

It is against the law for registered sex offenders to hand out candy on Halloween.

To track sex offenders living in your neighborhood, download the Alert ID app. The tool uses GPS and local law enforcement websites to notify parents of registered sex offenders who live in the area. Once it is downloaded, click on the yellow diamond icon. That instantly uncovers access to the offender's name, photo, and rap sheet.

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