Jive Flamingo serves as cheerleaders for undiscovered Baton Rouge music scene

Jive Flamingo serves as cheerleaders for undiscovered Baton Rouge music scene

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A recent survey completed by the Public Policy Research Lab at LSU shows that Baton Rouge residents are somewhat limited in knowledge about local entertainment options. A trio known as Jive Flamingo, however, is working with the hopes of changing that.

"I think people get in their comfort zone and they know about Live After 5, but it takes a lot to penetrate into their brain that there's more going on," said Jessica Orgeron, founder of Jive Flamingo. "Personally, being from New Orleans, I thought Baton Rouge was a boring place for live music, but that was completely untrue the whole time, I just didn't know where to look."

Orgeron moved to Baton Rouge several years ago to attend LSU's law school.

"I used to go to New Orleans all the time then I discovered this great music community here in Baton Rouge," she said. "I started a blog and began writing about it."

The blog caught the attention of Ben Herrington, a jack-of-all-trades musician, and Chelsea Lane, an event promoter.

"This isn't our day job, so each takes the ball on a specific task," Orgeron explained. "Chelsea does lots of promotion and booking around town, so she has great skills. Ben has terrific contacts with the music community. And I have my wonky skills with social media and writing."

With their combined talent, they work to promote and spread the word about local music and cultural events.

"We're trying to be the music scene's cheerleader," Orgeron said with a laugh.

Their process isn't passive. Rather, they're actively participating in the events and have recently begun creating their own.

"We want to make shows with broad appeal," Orgeron explained. "We have all the essential elements to make a nice night out for people."

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, Jive Flamingo is hosting Monster Jam at The Library at Northgate. The lineup of performers includes local favorites Onion Loaf and Trailer Hounds, and the New York-based band Tauk.

"It will be a super jam of our best folks," Orgeron noted. "We have so many great funk players here in town."

Turning up the funk, as Orgeron has learned, isn't something exclusive to New Orleans.

"I moved back to New Orleans after law school for a job that I love," she said. "But I will probably move back to Baton Rouge eventually. I leave New Orleans every weekend to go to Baton Rouge, so things have kind of flip-flopped for me."

The Jive Flamingo blog can be located at http://jiveflamingo.com. You can keep up with local events on Twitter via #ListenLocalBR.

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