Accusations of infidelity aired out in day 2 of murder-for-hire trial

Accusations of infidelity aired out in day 2 of murder-for-hire trial
Karl Howard (Source: West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Karl Howard (Source: West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Corey Kitts
Corey Kitts

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - In day two of a murder for hire trial in Port Allen, prosecutors are trying to establish Monique Kitts is not the family woman her attorney told the jury she was.

Monique Kitts is accused of paying Karl Howard to shoot her husband Corey Kitts in July 2010. Investigators found Corey Kitts had been shot three times in the head while he was asleep in his Addis home.

Kitts' lawyer, Allen Myles, told the jury on Monday his client had one affair but stopped it years before her husband was killed and was trying to get her marriage back on track.

Prosecutor Tony Clayton then called David Johnson to the stand as the second witness in the trial.

Johnson testified he met Kitts when he delivered milk to the daycare she owned. He says they started an affair in 2006, after flirting and exchanging phone numbers.

"I said was this for business or for pleasure. She said you decide," Johnson told the jury.

Johnson says their affair continued after her husband was killed in 2010. And at one point that year, Kitts rented an apartment for him using her maiden name.

An email Kitts sent to Johnson was also shown. It read in part, "thank you for becoming a part of my life. I'm looking forward to the day you become a permanent of my life."

Johnson said there were times when Kitts would joke that she'd be better off without her husband. Not long after, Johnson says she asked him if he knew someone who would kill her husband, Corey Kitts. He says Monique Kitts gave him $2,000 when he told her he knew someone, but Johnson says he kept the money. On another occasion when she asked again if he knew someone, Johnson says he told her yes and was given $1,000. He says he split the money with a friend. Johnson says Kitts printed out her husbands work schedule so he would know when Corey Kitts was home.

Another time Johnson says Kitts again asked if he knew someone who would kill her husband, he said he knew someone for sure. Johnson says Kitts gave him another $1,000.

In 2008, Johnson said she again asked and this time he said a friend named Karl Howard would probably help.

"Did Karl Howard tell you what he did to Corey Kitts?" Clayton asked Johnson.

"He said he killed him," Johnson answered.

Johnson says he spoke with Kitts and Howard when they received a target letter from the District Attorneys Office, telling them they were facing indictment for the murder.

Johnson says at that time, Kitts told him not to tell investigators about their affair.

During the cross examination of Johnson, he testified that one month prior to the July 2010 murder, Karl Howard told him he had tried to kill Corey Kitts, but was unsuccessful.

Following the murder, he said he had another conversation with Howard in which Howard told him, "he went in the house, went to the room Corey was sleeping in, called his name - he started waking up, but didn't really wake up and shot him. He went to run out, the dog was making noise and he started to shoot the dog."

Johnson said Howard also told him he took the gun apart and threw it out the window as he drove back home, to Atlanta, Georgia.

Johnson says he was also told by Howard that Monique Kitts had promised to pay him $100,000 for the murder.

Under cross examination from Kitts' attorney, Johnson admitted he was a deceiver.

Allen Myles asked the witness if he was only at the trial to testify as part of a deal he made with the District Attorney. Johnson said as he understood it, there was no deal unless the information he was giving was accurate and true.

Myles also questioned whether Johnson had any proof that he continued a relationship with Kitts past early 2007, to which Johnson asked, "Does 2010 count?" He then went on to tell the court about a sexual encounter they had, with another woman at Kitts' apartment.

Monique Kitts is charged with second-degree murder. Karl Howard is charged with first-degree murder.

Defense attorneys say Johnson is a deceiver, and a convicted criminal who just didn't want to go back to prison. They say Johnson is only giving this story, to get a deal from the District Attorney.

A third suspect, Cory Knox, who allegedly drove Howard to commit the murder is expected to testify in the trial. Knox will be tried at a later date and is also charged with first degree murder.

Judge Robin Free is presiding over the case, which is expected to last through Friday.

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