BRFD personnel attend diversity training classes

BRFD personnel attend diversity training classes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Fire Department started receiving diversity training Tuesday.

It was the first day of classes everyone employed by the fire department will have to attend. The sessions were ordered following the suspension of a longtime firefighter who used the N-word inside a firehouse recently.

The firefighter explained his comments were taken out of context, but authorities said they want to make sure everyone is properly educated.

"This is something we try to do every few years," said Curt Monte with BRFD. "Obviously, we had an incident that is not condoned by the fire department, but we want to make sure that our folks are educated. We've had a few rookie classes that have come through in the last few years that may not have had this, but while we're educating those folks and the people that were involved in the incident, we're going to educate the whole fire department as to prevent [it] from hopefully happening again."

Monte added the firefighters are attending class while on duty in a rotation that does not interfere with protecting the city.

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