Training underway for new domestic violence court

Training underway for new domestic violence court

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Training is underway this week for leaders of a new domestic violence court in Baton Rouge.

A major component of the new court is a batterer's intervention program. It is for anyone who has pleaded no contest or who has been convicted of a domestic violence crime.

This week, about a dozen court leaders, including presiding Judge Laura Prosser, are taking part in a four-day training.

"In the regular court, it's the defendant coming before the judge, the judge making the decision and then punishing the defendant," Prosser says.  "This way we're trying to actually change behavior, change ways of thinking, and change the whole psyche of the person so that they learn how to do better."

The new domestic violence court will officially begin operations on Nov. 10.

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