Paramedics receive special training for Ebola virus

Paramedics receive special training for Ebola virus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Paramedics learned a thing or two about how to protect themselves and others from the Ebola virus during a training session Thursday.

"We have to be ready, in case something comes up," said Mike Chustz with EMS. "We have to be ready to protect our employees, to protect the patient we're transporting, to protect co-workers, to protect the hospital staff when we get there and we have to know how to disinfect our ambulance for our next call following that one."

EMS officials added it's just as important to know how to properly dispose of contaminated gear after dealing with an Ebola patient as it is to be properly protected.

The Department of Health and Hospitals will hold another Ebola training session Monday at the River Center.

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