Contact 9: Restroom conditions at Frazier Park has people in Independence upset

Contact 9: Vandalism at Independence park

INDEPENDENCE, LA (WAFB) - People in the town of Independence are disgusted with restroom conditions at Frazier Park and want something to be done about it.

The sign hanging from the gates outside the bathrooms states they are closed due to vandalism. Councilman Calvin Baptiste said one night a group of kids came by and wrecked the place. However, the incident happened in June and the bathrooms still have not been fixed. Councilman Baptiste said he took the issue to the mayor.

"I asked him about repairing the bathrooms and he said all the kids are going to do is tear them up again," explained Baptiste. "I said to him regardless if they tear them up again, we as elected officials have an obligation to fix it."

Mayor Michael Ragusa said the town has already taken steps to fix the issue.

"I am getting quotes on stainless steel commodes to put in there," said Mayor Ragusa. "We are talking about anywhere from $300 to $600."

Mayor Ragusa added that is no more money left in the budget for the park. Discussion about the park's bathrooms will come up at a town meeting next Tuesday.

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