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Gov. Jindal: 'POTUS is only other elected office I would seek'


Governor Bobby Jindal made it clear Tuesday that once he leaves the Governor's Office, there is only one other elected office he wants, the President of the United States.

"I am thinking about what I do next. And if I were to stay in politics. If I were to stay in politics it would involve, in 2016, running for President. There's no other elected office I would seek. I am not interested in going back to Congress or the Senate or any other elected position," said Jindal.

A new WAFB political poll shows more than a third of voters think Jindal is doing a poor job.

The poll of 605 Louisiana voters shows 11 percent think he is doing an excellent job, 23 percent say pretty good, 26 percent say only fair and 37 percent rated Jindal's job performance as poor.

Of those who ranked the Governor as excellent or pretty good, 17 percent were Democrats and 56 percent Republican.

Jindal says he will make a decision about a presidential run after the holidays.

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