School performance scores released; steady progress reported

School performance scores released; steady progress reported

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana Department of Education released school report cards Tuesday summarizing and evaluating academic achievement for the 2013-2014 school year. Each school report card includes information used to calculate school letter grades and provides parents and educators information on the performance of schools statewide. Student achievement results announced in the summer showed steady progress with modest improvements. School report cards and letter grade ratings reflect these modest, steady gains.

"Schools have done well, but it's a far cry from achieving mastery or proficient. In 2016, schools will start to feel the affects in the accountability system," said Superintendent White.

According to the report, the percentage of students scoring "mastery" and above on grade 3-8 tests increased by 1 percent in English language arts and 2 percent in math to record high levels; graduation rates rose by 1.2 percentage points to 73.5 percent, a record high; 23,560 seniors earned college-going ACT scores, a state record; and 6,407 Louisiana students earned college credit by passing an Advanced Placement test, a state record. As a result, the number of schools earning a letter grade ratings of "A" increased by 54, resulting in 241 "A" schools in 2014 compared to 187 in 2013.

"School and school district report cards are tools that parents and educators can use to understand what is happening in their schools and what choices they can make in response," said Superintendent White. "Student performance statewide was steady in 2014, and letter grade ratings reflect this. As the state transitions gradually to higher expectations, it will become more challenging for schools and districts to maintain high ratings."

East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS) schools continued to improve their academic performance with more than half of district schools increasing their performance scores in 2014 over last year. More than eighteen schools improved their performance by at least one letter grade, according to the latest state school and district performance report card.

Eleven EBR schools increased their letter grades from 'C' to 'B'. Two additional EBR schools earned 'A' letter grades this year, bringing to eleven the total number of 'A' schools in the district. EBRPSS improved its overall academic performance score from 80.3 to 81.3.


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