Meeting addresses Scotlandville traffic, food issues

Meeting addresses Scotlandville traffic, food issues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The crossing of Scenic Highway and Scotland Avenue is a tangle of roads, stop lights and train tracks.

"We have lots of traffic coming back and forth and it's a great concern not just from the Scotlandville community but all around," said Pat McCallister-LeDuff.

Residents say the confusing intersections, poor road markings and small train signals have created a nightmare problem that often leads to drivers running red lights or getting stuck on the railroad. The intersection is just one problem Scotlandville residents want addressed now.

"We're about not just sitting back and letting things happen. We have to be a part of it to make it happen; to get the pressure, to get everybody in the room, to discuss and collaborate," said Edgar Cage of Together Baton Rouge.

Collaboration was the goal of a Scotlandville community meeting organized by Together Baton Rouge. Concerned residents presented problems directly to city and state leaders as well as other local officials who could offer a solution.

In addition to the intersection, residents want to address the area's food desert status. The vast majority of people in Scotlandville do not have easy access to a grocery store or fresh foods. Together Baton Rouge shared a plan to change that by expanding community food programs and working with the city to attract grocery stores to the area.

There will be a City Wide Food Access Assembly on Friday, November 14, at First United Methodist Church to further discuss the issue.

"Scotlandville has been ignored for decades we may not can wait another two or three years. We need things to happen now," said Cage.

The meeting also addressed emergency preparedness. Officials from law enforcement, the fire department as well as local plants were all on hand to offer their help in educating residents about what to do in the event of an emergency.

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