BTR police chief preps workers on infectious disease protocol

BTR police chief preps workers on infectious disease protocol

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Airport police chief is making sure all airlines and first responders are prepared to handle infectious diseases, including Ebola.

Chief Anthony Williams spent the morning answering questions and made sure everyone was familiar with protocol.

"We have people who work for particular airlines," he explained. "We're just dealing with them, making sure they're doing the basic things you should do when dealing with waste and everything else, such as two pair gloves, shower facilities, if you get something on you, report anything you see out of the ordinary."

Five major US airports will be conducting Ebola screenings for passengers arriving from West Africa.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday the second hospital worker diagnosed with Ebola after taking care of a patient who died from the disease took a flight before she began showing symptoms.

Ebola has caused more than 4,000 deaths with more than 8,300 confirmed, probable and suspected cases in seven countries, the World Health Organization reported on Friday.

A UN healthcare worker died of Ebola in Germany, St. Georg Clinic in Leipzig announced Tuesday. He contracted the disease while working in West Africa.

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