Our Turn: DHH Fraud

For everyone who thinks we pay too much money in taxes, Deborah Crowder Loper can be your new poster child. Loper pleaded guilty last week to stealing more than $1 million from the Louisiana Medicaid Program.

But here's the kicker, nobody in our government ever noticed the money was missing. Loper's thefts occurred over a six year period, but according to a government audit after the fact, the embezzlement was not discovered by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Loper's scheme was detected by one of the banks she was using.

After the fact, auditors issued a scathing report concerning the financial stewardship of DHH. Among other things, the report found that when employees were unsure of how an incoming check should be handled, their practice was to give it to Loper. Well, she wasn't unsure about where it should go. The DHH leader's excuse for the shoddy financial practices – everybody trusted her.

We trust government at all levels with our tax dollars every day, and we expect more.

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