Howard helps Southern pull out 35-34 win over Alabama A&M

Howard helps Southern pull out 35-34 win over Alabama A&M

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFB) - Southern certainly didn't start great against Alabama A&M and head coach Dawson Odums was sure to let his players know about it.

Odums gave his Jaguars some motivation at halftime, which translated into a totally different Southern defense in the second half.

"Have to come out with a certain type of intensity and play this game," said Southern junior linebacker Demetrius Carter. "We came out flat early. Came in the locker room and I had a conversation with my guys. Got us amped up. We came back out with a different type of mindset and that's the type of mindset we need moving forward."

It also helped to have game-changing wide receivers like Justin Morgan and Willie Quinn that completely turned around the momentum.

"Willie and I switched out," said Southern junior wide receiver Justin Morgan. "We had a different package where Willie goes outside and I come inside. We let him go one-on-one with the DB [and] see what happens. Willie made a play and we just flip-flopped the package. I came back outside and we ran the same play."

In all of the madness that is the Jaguars' first win at Alabama A&M in a decade, the play at quarterback from true freshman Austin Howard can't be overlooked. Odums continues to sing his praises, along with the team, for bringing Southern its first back-to-back wins of the season.

"The drive that he put together as a starting quarterback on this football team says a lot about his character. [It] says a lot about his composure and a lot about him as an individual. We're happy to have him as our quarterback. He's going to continue to get better," Odums explained.

"I came up to him right before we got into the huddle and said 'Look, just calm down. I need the best of you right here. No big time faults and just run the play,'" Morgan added.

Not only does the road win give Howard a boost, but it showed this Southern football team that it has what it takes to fight back from any situation.

"Great confidence for us," said Southern junior offensive lineman Allen Spry. "We know that we can execute in the second half, but now we just have to put it all together - first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter."

"We're a resilient bunch. We're blue collar. We're going to work every single day and we just try to get better," Carter stated.

Southern has a bye next week and will then head to Jackson State the following week.

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