Serial Killer Sentenced to Death

At 10:22 a.m. Friday morning District Court Judge Richard Anderson ordered the death of Derrick Todd Lee. A jury convicted Lee of murdering Charlotte Murray Pace last October. In court Friday, for the first time, her family directly addressed the convicted serial killer. WAFB' s Jim Shannon has the story.

Before Judge Richard Anderson went through the formality of Lee's death sentence Ann and Sam Pace had a few choice words for the man who killed their daughter and sister. Murray's sister explained how she decided what to say in her only chance to speak to Lee,  "So I thought instead of telling him what its like to lose Murray the way we did and to live without her, that I would tell him how he was going to die." Sam explained how the needles would be inserted into Lee's arms and how chemicals would stop his heart.

Lead prosecutor John Sinquefield said, "I've been arguing cases for 33 years and I don't think I could ever do anything that was so heartwrenching or brought it home to me what its like to be a victim of Derrick Todd Lee."

Then Murray's mother, Ann produced an autopsy photo, a gruesome picture of her beloved child beaten with her throat slit. But Ann did not only talk of Murray she talked of the other women. This grieving mother who knows the brutal details of her own daughter's death, used her time to talk about the mysteries that she believes Derrick Todd Lee can answer. She appealed to Lee's family to put pressure on him to tell the truth, "To tell the families those that we know and those that we don't know to tell them what he did to their loved ones and in the cases where they are missing where they are."

Lee's Defense Attorney Mike Mitchell is all but finished with the case, "There have been quite a few disappointments in this case and we think we raised some good issues throughout the case. We're ready to turn it over to the appellate lawyers."

Derrick Todd Lee made no eye contact with the Pace's as they gave their statements. They both just took a tour of the Angola State Penitentiary death chamber. They said they wanted to see where Lee would take his last breath.

Lee is linked by DNA to the murders of eight other women and has been convicted of two. It will be up to the families in the other cases to decide if Lee will face another trial.