Our Turn: Billing Sexual Assault Victims

The world is full of different types of injustice that we'll never be able to fix, but there's one injustice here in Louisiana that we can fix, and we're urging the state legislature to do that as soon as possible. I'm talking about the practice of hospitals billing sexual assault victims for the cost of their exams and treatment after a rape occurs.

As one victim told a reporter for NOLA.com recently, "It feels like a crime happened to you, and then you're getting charged for the crime."

About two-thirds of the states rely on victim compensation funds to pay these expenses. Louisiana is one of only six states that rely on local governments to take care of this. The outcome here is an uneven result that frequently puts the victim in the position of having to pay their own medical bills.

The NOLA.com reporter also spoke with the mother of a sexual assault victim and her comment should be the last word on this issue. She said, "You know what really gets me? Prisoners in Angola get medical treatment for free."

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