Our Turn: Police Overtime Pay

The highest paid city employee in Baton Rouge is a police lieutenant who made more than $190,000 last year. How is that possible? Lt. Cory Reech worked the equivalent of more than 90 hours a week, every week, for an entire year.

NOLA.com last week provided updated figures on Baton Rouge city worker compensation. The topic was also the subject of a special report by the 9News Investigators last fall.

Since our original investigation, has the city done a better job of managing this situation? Apparently not. The new figures show that through August of this year, overtime for Lt. Reech is again on track to provide him with pay about equal to the whopping number he racked up last year.

Our report last fall, included comments from a law enforcement expert who called the excessive overtime a safety issue. We agree. Our police officers should be fairly compensated because they do a dangerous job every day, but that's also precisely the reason they should not be permitted to work an unreasonable amount of overtime.

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