Judge says attorneys for CNSI can interview investigator with AG's Office

Judge says attorneys for CNSI can re-question witness

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - CNSI, the company awarded a medical contract by Louisiana was back in court Tuesday morning over issues with the governor wrongfully terminating that contract.

Attorneys for several agencies went before 19th JDC Judge Tim Kelley for motions in the civil case. Kelley ruled to allow attorneys for CNSI to interview an investigator with the Attorney General's Office to find out why the testimony from a witness changed between depositions.

"Something doesn't smell right," Kelley said. "They should be able to find out why the testimony changed."

In 2011, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals awarded CNSI a $200 million contract. Bruce Greenstein, who had once worked for CNSI, was the secretary of DHH at the time.

Greenstein was later accused of influencing the bidding process, which led to the cancellation of the contract and Greenstein's resignation two years later.

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