Bonnie Kate experiences great joy 2 years after mass shooting in CO movie theater

Colorado movie massacre victim has storybook wedding captured on film

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The last 27 months for Bonnie Kate Pourciau-Zoghbi tested her strength, her patience, and her everything. This past year has also brought her great joy. She was 18-years-old when she was shot during a mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater in 2012.

Bonnie Kate is from Baton Rouge and was in Colorado on a girl's trip, vacationing before she began her college adventure. She was at the theater to see 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Bonnie Kate and her Baton Rouge friend Elizabeth Sumrall first sat on the front row of the theater, but moved to the back of the theater just before the movie started.

"I grabbed Elizabeth and pulled her down and we hid behind our seats," Pourciau explained in an interview just days after the shooting

"We were hiding down there for a little while, just holding still, praying and then while we were down there, that's when I felt like a huge 2x4 smack my leg. I was like, 'Oh, this is real. I've been shot'," Pourciau said.

The shooter, James Holmes, is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others that night. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

This past May, she and Max Zoghbi married after a romance that went from a budding possibility to friendship to love and then matrimony.

Max is a filmmaker and has captured much of the past two-plus years in a documentary. It's getting rave reviews on You Tube and a storybook tale it is not, but that could be why it seems to be touching to many who see it. It's called "Wildflower, a Proposal."

This time period for Bonnie Kate has been dominated with being shot in the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre and the daily brutal climb to piece back the physical form of her life.

But just last week, Bonnie Kate's doctor told her that her knee was just about as good as it would get. She said she knew that in the back of her mind, but felt if she "pushed through then it would get back to normal."

The reality is this is her new normal. It's part of what she and Max will face together as they move forward.

As for his film, Max has learned it is a love story. It's even therapy for him. But in the end it is more.

"I wanted to share how God can take something meant for evil for our good and His glory," he said.

In February, a judge scheduled the start of the Aurora movie theater murder trial for October 14, 2014, but mental health officials said they needed time to complete the sanity review. The evaluation was due Aug. 15, but the state mental hospital said it would need until Oct. 15, one day after jury selection was to begin.

The judge granted the extension.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin in December.

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