La. health officials say no need to worry about Ebola virus

La. health officials say no need to worry about Ebola virus

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana health officials are preparing for the worst, but are hoping for the best after the recent case of the Ebola virus popped up in Texas.

A couple of days ago a man was diagnosed with the deadly virus at a hospital in Dallas. The man was put in an isolation room where he is now being treated. The recent news has sparked some concern with people here in Louisiana, since Texas is right next door.

The Ebola virus has taken thousands of lives in West Africa. But, Dr. Jim Rhorer said if someone in Baton Rouge would have caught the virus they would take every precaution necessary.

"We would activate our isolation protocol," said Rhorer. "We would place the patient in a single room. And then we would place our own personal protective equipment on and follow body fluid precautions,"

Rhorer said unlike the flu which can easily spread in the air, Ebola can only be contracted by direct contact.

"If you have that rare circumstance to come in to contact with body fluids from someone who may have Ebola that little amount of body fluid could be very contagious," said Rhorer.

State health officials said they have given specific guidelines to medical professionals on how to detect the virus. But they say people should be more worried about this upcoming flu season and get their flu vaccinations as soon as possible.

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