Holden Makes Two Big Appointments

Another round of appointments in Mayor-Elect Kip Holden's administration, and this time the faces are even more familiar. Wednesday afternoon, Holden named the school board member who ran his campaign to a high level position and a former opponent to a temporary one. WAFB's Avery Davidson has the story.

East Baton Rouge Mayor-President-Elect Kip Holden named School Board member Alfred Williams his Assistant Chief Administrative Officer. State Representative, and former political rival, William Daniel is the Interim Director of Public Works. Daniel joked, "When I endorsed Kip, I expected him to do something nice for me. This is not what I had in mind."

Daniel says his new job will be easier because of the work of retired Public Works Director Fred Raiford, "But there's not many Freds out there in the world and that's why I think the reorganization of the department is so important because when Fred left, a lot left with him."

Williams says now that he's accepted the job to be CAO Walter Monsour's right hand man, he's resigning from the School Board, "To make sure that we do the things we need to do, I committed to Kip to make this the job."

Holden is keeping four Department Heads from Mayor Bobby Simpson's administration. Holden re-appointed Dr. Annett Bookter Human Resources Director, Don Evans Information Services Director, David Medlin Finance Director and David Whatley Interim Police Chief. Holden said, "These are the veterans who are willing to work with us to make sure at the end of the day that all citizens in East Baton Rouge Parish are duly served." Holden takes office January 3rd.

Holden says Daniel will serve as Interim Public Works Director for a maximum of six months. One of Daniel's jobs will be to find his own replacement. Holden says he plans to pay Daniel the $125,000 annual salary that Fred Raiford received but a city ordinance may prevent that since Raiford was such a long-time employee and Daniel will be brand new to the City.