U.S. Senate Race close as election day nears

Voter registration deadline looms - Part 1

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The window to reach voters for the Louisiana midterm election is growing smaller.  The race between the top contenders for the U.S. Senate seat, Senator Mary Landrieu and challenger Bill Cassidy, is tight.

A new poll from CNN puts Landrieu slightly ahead with 43 percent of voters in November.  The poll predicted 40 percent for Cassidy and just nine percent for Republican Tea Party favorite Rob Maness.   However, a Huffington Post chart averaging several national polls shows Cassidy with the lead.    

"In the final few weeks, a lot can happen and a lot will happen," said Ben Voelkel, Republican National Committee spokesperson for Louisiana. 

For campaigners, that means a year's worth of work is about to become more challenging as hundreds of volunteers from both parties make calls, knock on doors, and take advantage of social media.  The focus is simple.

"Living, live voters who are going to vote for Republicans in the fall," said Voelkel. 

"Voters in Louisiana who want to vote for Mary Landrieu," said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. 

Beyond engaging voters, both sides share a similar concern of turning a conversation into turnout on Election Day.

"We're reminding people that there's a lot at stake, just like there is in presidential elections," said Handwerk.

In order to cast a ballot in November, residents who have not voted before or need to change their voter information, must register to vote by Monday, Oct. 6.  Early voting begins Oct. 21. 

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