Glen Oaks homeowners, church team up to fight crime

Glen Oaks homeowners, church team up to fight crime - 10 p.m.
Glen Oaks March (Source: WAFB)
Glen Oaks March (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Glen Oaks West Homeowners Association and New Beginnings Baptist Church members teamed up to spread a little light throughout their neighborhood.

The group made it possible for around 100 safety lights to be installed along the streets to help reduce crime. Pastor Donald Hunter led the effort and says the lights will do more that illuminate dark places. Pastor Hunter says recent crimes, including the unsolved shooting and murder of a young boy named Terrez Coleman near the area, are more than enough reason to act.

"There's a larger picture about this lighting that speaks to the moral side of light versus darkness," Rev. Hunter said. "You see when a child is shot in a car- that was not an infraction where an argument took place- that's a culture of crime. That what that says to me."

The group is also collecting statistics and working to change the environment around them to make their neighborhood a less attractive place for the criminal element.

"I think that speaks to every citizen of East Baton Rouge Parish and certainly to every Christian that we have to act now on creating the type of environment in our neighborhoods and our communities and within our homes that's safe for children and families to grow and live," Hunter said.

A walk was also held to bring attention to the new lighting and to engage the community to help in the fight against crime.

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