U.S. Senate race heating up

U.S. Senate race heating up

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The race for U.S. Senate's turn for negative is being called into question. Both Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Cassidy recently aired television ads attacking each other's record on immigration.

Senator Mary Landrieu faces questions she blatantly took Cassidy out of context when her ad alleges Cassidy is against a fence around the border to help stop illegal immigration.

The narrator says "Bill Cassidy is attacking Mary Landrieu on illegal immigration? Listen to why he opposed a border fence…"

The ad then uses a 2010 clip from a town hall event and shows Cassidy saying, "Our threat is not the folks coming across the border..." The narrator then asks, "Really?"

In the actual clip Cassidy is not speaking out against a border fence, but instead talking about the threat to jobs in Louisiana- essentially taken out of context. Cassidy's full quote is, “That our threat's not the folks coming across the border. Our threat to our jobs is the fact that we have a moratorium on outer continental shelf drilling, which the scientists have said does not make sense."

"I would respond by listening to his voice. You can listen to the whole tape," Landrieu said.

"And he said it's not as much of a threat, but at the time he said that 80,000 people were coming across the border."

In a similar ad on immigration, Bill Cassidy alleges Landrieu voted for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

"The border is a mess," Cassidy says in his ad

"Barack Obama and Mary Landrieu support amnesty, which makes it worse."

Landrieu did vote for a pathway for illegal immigrants, but one that would only be possible once the border was first secured and the illegal immigrants learned English, pay back taxes and fines among other things.

Cassidy's campaign said Tuesday that Landrieu's Washington record speaks for itself.

"Comically, Senator Landrieu and her allies have been using budget votes to spin fictional stories about Dr. Cassidy's record, as has been routinely called out by independent fact checkers," John Cummins, Cassidy's Campaign spokesman, said.

"Yet, when Dr. Cassidy uses clear chronology and facts to hold Senator Landrieu accountable, she cries foul."

Another contender in the Senate race, Colonel Rob Maness said both candidates need to clean up their act.

"This is the kind of garbage that pollutes our airwaves for weeks and weeks and people in Louisiana are sick and tired of it," Maness said.

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