Experts: Louisiana is battleground state for U.S. Senate race

Experts: Louisiana is battleground state for U.S. Senate race

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - National experts say Louisiana is the battleground of all battleground states in the race for control of the U.S. Senate. What is decided in Louisiana could have an impact nationwide.

A number of polls in the race for Louisiana's next senator show Congressman Bill Cassidy is taking and holding on to a slight lead over current Senator Mary Landrieu. A Huffington Post average of the latest opinion polls shows Cassidy first took over the lead in mid-December and continues to lead Landrieu by about four points. This poll averages several polls, including CBS Rasmussen and FOX, and polls taken by party supporters on both the left and right.

Democrats and Republicans see the pluses and minuses in poll numbers.

The executive director of the Democratic Party says polls are one thing, but in this race, "Bill Cassidy has certainly demonstrated that he's been on almost every side of every issue and Louisiana needs someone to be very forthright and stand up for the needs of Louisiana, like Senator Landrieu does each and every day."

Republican National Committee Head Reince Priebus says he thinks people are tired of the same old song and dance.

"When politicians like Mary Landrieu say one thing and do another I think people in Louisiana say you know, I'm going to hold these people accountable and I'm going to say enough is enough and I'm going to put somebody in there who can do a better job and get this country turned around. Certainly we are not on the right path and Mary Landrieu has been a part of it," said Priebus.

One thing this average of polls does not show is just how Tea Party favorite Rob Manness and any support he gets will play into this race.

Political Analyst Jim Engster says Mary Landrieu has time to recover but Maness might spell trouble for her.

"There are some people who don't like either of them and might vote for one of the other candidates and Maness is a viable third option," Engster said.

Election Day is less than two months away.

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