Wells Fargo, Military Warriors donate home to veteran

Military Home (Source: WAFB)
Military Home (Source: WAFB)

A mortgage-free home is almost unheard these days and perhaps that's why U.S. Army Sergeant Corey Jenkins Senior hung up his phone three different times after being told he was getting one of his own.

"I couldn't believe it," Sgt. Jenkins said.

Jenkins spent 17 years serving in the military including several trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served in Kosovo and would eventually received a Purple Heart after being wounded in Iraq.

Wells Fargo Bank and the Military Warriors Support Foundation offer assistance and property donations to service members, veterans, and their families. The two groups donated the home in Gesimar to Jenkins and his four kids, part of a $30 million commitment nationwide since 2013.

"The house is a property, but once they move in it becomes their home and that allows them to start their lives over," said Angels Vander Werf with Wells Fargo.

"To get [back] into the community and to be a part of this neighborhood and to them that's a whole new beginning."

The groups modify each home to meet the needs of the sometimes wounded veterans. They also provide financial education and career assistance to them.

"There's nothing like having your own space, your own place and not having the burden on your shoulder of wondering if you're going to have a place to stay or wondering if I'm going to be able to pay my rent," Jenkins said.

"I don't have that to worry about anymore."

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