Parents: Cell phone video shows brutal attack on daughter

Parents: Cell phone video shows brutal attack on daughter

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - A fight between two girls at an Ascension Parish Middle School went before a parish judge on Monday. The victim's parents said cell phone video shows a brutal premeditated attack on their daughter.

The judge reviewed the case and rendered a decision on the matter.

Haley Lucio, 13, and her family walked into the Ascension Parish Court unsure of what the day would bring. In March, Haley was the victim of what her parents refer to as a violent attack at Prairieville Middle School. Haley said two girls cornered her as she left gym class.

"I stumbled and she grabbed my hair and started hitting me more, and once I hit the concrete I couldn't remember anything else," Haley Lucio said.

Haley said she never saw it coming. She said her classmates, too, were shocked.

"As soon as I stepped into the classroom everybody went dead silent and just looked at me," Haley said.

Some students who had not witnessed it firsthand got to watch a recording of the incident. Haley said one of the girls had another student video the fight with the alleged attacker's cell phone.

"They were all making fun of it and impersonating it over and over," Haley said.

Haley chose not to look at the video of the attack. But her father, Brian Lucio, did. He said it broke his heart.

"It was clear to anyone who would see this video that my daughter suffered a traumatic head injury. She was hit multiple times on the side and top of her head," Brian Lucio said.

According to medical records, Haley had a mild concussion.

The girl accused of hitting Haley was 12 at the time and was charged with second degree battery.

After discussing Haley's condition with her doctor, Judge Guy Holdridge, determined she did not experience "serious bodily injury" and reduced the charge to simple battery. Holdridge gave the girl a six month suspended sentence and put the girl on supervised probation for one year.

The Lucio's said it is a slap on the wrist.

"What kind of message are we sending to the bullies at the school," Brian Lucio asked.

Brian Lucio said he has a bone to pick with Prairieville Middle School. He said administrators never contacted him about the fight. Instead, he said, he heard it from his daughter after school let out.

"I, still, to this day have not gotten appropriate responses from anyone at the school or the school board," Brian Lucio said.

Haley said she decided to go public with her story in hopes of encouraging anyone who is picked on at school to speak up.

"It's not okay. You can't just let someone hit you like that and just say okay, whatever," Haley Lucio said.

Her parents said their fight is far from over.

The Lucio's said they plan to sue the girl and the school system.

A spokesman for Ascension Parish Schools told 9News the school system does not comment on incidents involving minors.

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