Shrimpers go back to work

Shrimpers go back to work

VERMILION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A planned weeklong docking of shrimp boats only lasted a day.

Last Friday, the Louisiana Shrimp Association called a meeting after the price per pound dropped almost $2.

But it all fell apart when many of those shrimpers said they couldn't afford to stop working altogether. Processors say they try to pay as much as they can, but competing with the foreign shrimp import industry is tough.

Nonetheless, shrimpers say something has to change.

"All over the United States the prices haven't fallen for head on shrimp, even though the prices have fallen for the factories here," said Warren Delacroix. "What worries you is you don't have the young kids wanting to do it anymore because they see how much their parents are struggling."

The situation was much different for local shrimpers last year when prices hit an all-time high. That's because a shrimp-killing bacteria swept through Asia and the foreign imports were depleted.

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