District Attorney wants to increase punishment for men accused of selling synthetic marijuana

Questions about low bond for smoke shop bust

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The District Attorney in East Baton Rouge Parish, Hillar Moore, is taking a hard look at the bond issued for two men arrested for selling synthetic marijuana at a smoke shop.

It was the second time this year Bruce Moore was arrested on drug charges and some of his neighbors want the law to permanently close his business.

Brenda Cudd is in her element as she preps a small pooch for grooming. It has been her job at Yu Duit Tuit off O'Neal Lane for 30 years. She said she has always felt comfortable there until recently.

"We have a problem with people walking up and approaching our customers and we have a lot of elderly customers who get real nervous," Cudd said.

Cudd believes some people who ask her customers for money also go to the Fun Time Novelty Smoke Shop next door.

When detectives raided the place in March they seized boxes of thousands of packets of synthetic marijuana. The owners of the store and another on Plank Road, Demond Eams and Bruce Moore, were arrested.

But they were not behind bars long.

"They closed down and then a day or two later they were open again," Cudd said.

Less than six months later on Wednesday, authorities arrested Moore and another man, Michael Richard, after they said they found illegal synthetic marijuana, guns, and cash inside Fun Time.

Their bond was set at $7,500 each.

Bruce Moore was back at the novelty store on Friday morning. He said he is innocent and that he was preparing to open a different business at the location.

"I was opening up a clothing store and I was coming to pick up all the damage that the city did to the store," Bruce Moore said.

Cudd does not understand why someone who is accused of selling illegal drugs is allowed to continue to do business.

"Looks like no matter what they do they are going to keep on coming back," Cudd said.

District Attorney Hillar Moore was stunned when he learned they were out of jail and questioned the bonds.

"I would think that based on subsequent arrests like this and given their history that would be a low bond considering detectives found 34 pounds of synthetic marijuana, which are very dangerous materials," Hillar Moore said.

Hillar Moore said he plans to do whatever is necessary to keep Bruce Moore and others arrested in these raids from doing business.

"One of the things we can do is freeze assets, and money, and that is one of the things we are looking at," Hillar Moore said.

The District Attorney said he plans to file a motion next week to have the mens' bonds revoked and increased.

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