Officials: Process to take care of overgrown lots

Residents upset with overgrown properties

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Tall grass has always been a complaint with residents around Baton Rouge. Now, the Department of Public Works (DPW) want people to know what they should do if they're having that problem. The DPW Interim Director, Bryan Harmon, said the majority of overgrown lots that people are complaining about is private property. Which means the department can't just do as they please with tax payer dollars.

"We're restricted by law entering those properties so we can't use public funds to fix those problems unless it goes through a process," said Harmon. "So we have to run it through the process which takes time."

Harmon said the process included finding out who is the property owner. Then a DPW official will try to get in touch. If nothing is done within a certain amount of time. The department will take care of the problem but will put a lien against the property. Harmon also added DPW cuts nearly 300 lots a month.

Clifton Dickerson lives on Sycamore St. He said he has been living next to a jungle of a yard for years. He is hoping the city will do something in a hurry.

"There is roaches coming out from this yard," said Dickerson. "Sometimes when I open my back patio door roaches just fly in." I would like to see something done and once they get it done keep it up,"

If you have any overgrown grass issues please contact the Public Works call center at 311.

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