Officials urge preparedness during hurricane season peak

Officials urge preparedness during hurricane season peak - Part 1

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Officials throughout Louisiana are urging people to remain vigilant in having emergency plans during this peak week of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

"You can have an emergency pop up almost immediately here in Louisiana that you need to be prepared for, so there's never a time to let your guide down," said Mike Steele with the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP).

September is also National Preparedness Month and Retired Gen. Lt. Russel Honore, who's been on the front lines of a number of emergency situations, said now is the time to solidify your response plans.

"These are hazards year round," Honore explained. "On any given day, Mother Nature can destroy anything built by men, so I think it's important to emphasize preparedness this month."

While this year's hurricane season has been mild for Louisiana, officials warn that is no reason to lower your preparedness guard.

"When you don't have a threat for a long time, people have a tendency to get complacent, but we're asking people to stay prepared and stay ready," Steele added.

"We need to be Red Cross ready. Have a three to five-day supply of food and water, have an emergency kit that we can take with us and we can survive off and have emergency communication like a weather radio," Honore advised.

Sites like and can be used to create plans and checklists to ensure you're ready for any disaster situation.

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