Home Depot data breach could be biggest in U.S. history

Home Depot data breach could be biggest in U.S. history

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A breach of more than 2,000 Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada could turn out to be one of the biggest in history. If you bought anything at The Home Depot stores between April and now with a debit or credit card, you should check your account now.

Officials with Home Depot say any purchases made online at


were not affected by the breach.

The breach at Home Depot goes as far back as April of this year.

The exact number of customer affected is unknown, but 60 million consumer credit cards could have been stolen.

Authorities say there are ways you can protect yourself from being a victim, and it is important to monitor your accounts.

"You want to stay on top of that as many times of the day as you can, and if you notice something that is abnormal, contact your bank immediately," said Captain Lee Rice with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office Financial Crimes Division.

Captain Rice says changing your debit card PIN once in a while could help prevent fraudulent charges.

If you believe your account(s) have been compromised, you are urged to contact your bank or card company and go to

Joseph Armant, who runs his own business and goes to Home Depot frequently, said he is a bit frightened about Home Depot's breach, but is sticking with them.

"Oh most definitely," said Armant. "It's not going to stop me from shopping there because everything that's man made break."

The Home Depot website put this message up concerning the breach:

Customer update on payment breach

Last Tuesday, September 2, we disclosed that we were investigating a possible breach of our payment data systems. We want you to know that we have now confirmed that those systems have in fact been breached, which could potentially impact any customer that has used their payment card at our U.S. and Canadian stores, from April forward. We do not have any evidence that the breach has impacted stores in Mexico or customers who shopped online at HomeDepot.com.

We apologize for the frustration and anxiety this causes our customers.

We also want to emphasize that you will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges to your accounts, and we're offering free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, to any customer who has shopped at a Home Depot store in 2014, from April on.

You can learn more about the identity protection services and how to sign up for them https://homedepot.allclearid.com/.

It is important to closely monitor your payment card accounts and report unusual activity to your issuing bank.

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