Residents: Neighborhoods looks like a forest

Contact 9: Tall grass a concern in a Baton Rouge neighborhood

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Residents in the Valley Park community are upset that their neighborhood is looking more like a forest. The area has been overtaken by overgrown lots, trash, and grass as tall the average man. Leonard Williams who has lived there since he was a child said tall grass has been a constant problem and has made it dangerous for everyone, especially children.

"Kids always play outside, and one of them may get bit by a snake," said Williams. "The may roll in the grass and a snake is going to be sitting right there."

Now, he and people in the neighborhood said enough is enough and want the city to take care of it. Grass maintenance usually falls under the umbrella of The Department of Public Works. Williams believes they should be well aware of the problem, since the community is right across the street from one of their warehouses.

"That'll tell you that they're not doing their job," said Williams.

He said if the city wants better neighborhoods, they need to do its part, because presentation is everything.

"If the neighborhood looks dirty and not well taken care of, then the crime rate is going to be bad. You're going to assume that it is."

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