Mayor Holden focusing on ending veteran homelessness

Mayor Holden focusing on ending veteran homelessness

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden is vowing to end veteran homelessness in the Capital City by the end of next year. Holden is one of more than 75 mayors nationwide to set this goal.

They say they'll do it through partnerships with local and federal agencies like Housing and Urban Development. Extra funds are expected to help homeless vets find housing, jobs, mental health services, and other resources.

“With all of these people coming together, we will work as a cluster to try to see what they're missing in terms of having a better life,” Mayor Holden says. “Then putting all of those services together looking at those individuals understanding that they are not outcasts. They're part of our family.”

Officials estimate there are 665 homeless men and women in Baton Rouge. Of those, 38 are veterans.

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