Assumption Parish officials getting rid of sewer pond

Some residents in Assumption Parish tired of one of their neighbors

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - People in one community in Assumption are fed up with a smelly sewer pond in their neighborhood and now Assumption Parish is taking action.

Nathaniel Johnson, who lives on French Lane where the pond is located, said the pond has made life difficult for everyone in that community.

"Life is miserable," said Johnson. "You can't sit on your carport without getting the smell. You can't  sit in the inside because a lot of times the odor comes into the house. And there are snakes and alligators that come around." 

Also, Johnson said there is an opening in the fence that's big enough for a curious child to get through, making it dangerous.

Now, the parish is taking steps to eliminate the problem. Parish juror of the area, Patrick Johnson, said Assumption voted last Monday to seek out funds and use them to improve sewer conditions. Getting rid of the pond is the first thing on the list. He also said the parish has already started the process to close the pond. 

Hopefully, this could be a breath of fresh air for people in that area.

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