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Plastic bag ban considered in California

Plastic bags may soon be out of California stores permanently. (Source: MGN Online) Plastic bags may soon be out of California stores permanently. (Source: MGN Online)

Paper or plastic? It's a familiar question in grocery stores across the country, but soon, in California, it may not be an option.

Lawmakers there just approved a bill that would get rid of plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies, if the Governor signs it into law. Shoppers who don't bring a bag and want one would have to pay at least 10 cents for either paper or reusable bags.

One California shopper wasn't too pleased about the bill, saying, "We spend enough money in these stores! You know? Now we got to bring our own bags?"

State Senator Padilla, the bill's sponsor, on the other hand says, " I think it's a win-win, good for business, good for the economy, good for the environment, and hopefully it will be an example for other states to follow."

But do people in other states, like Alabama, even want to follow in California's footsteps? According to one Alabama resident we talked with, no way! Rowena Duncan said it's just another regulation.

Massachusetts and Washington are also considering similar plans to ban plastic bags and 5 other states are looking at taxes or fee, anywhere from 1 to 15 cents per bag.

Meanwhile, California Governor Jerry Brown has until the end of September to decide whether to sign the plastic bag ban into law. 

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