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Coyote sightings in Walker

Coyote sightings in Walker  (Source: WAFB) Coyote sightings in Walker (Source: WAFB)
Generic coyote  (Source: WAFB) Generic coyote (Source: WAFB)
LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Coyotes, or animals that look like them, have people talking in Walker. Police officers say people who live in heavily-wooded areas of the city have been complaining that their pets are disappearing in the middle of the night.

Some people who live in the city limits report they've seen coyotes running around their yards.

Walker Police and the people who run the Facebook page “Lost Pets of Livingston Parish” have joined forces to give people a way to track coyote sightings.

It's a Google map with green dots that represent the locations where people have reported they've seen a wild animal.

"Whether it's a coyote, or German Shepherd or a wolf or fox we don't know," says Capt. John Sharp. "We're simply just plotting this info on a map." 

The heaviest population right now appears to be off North Corbin Road and Highway 10-19. Captain Sharp says the map is in its very beginning stages.

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