Travel experts say gas will be cheaper this holiday weekend

Gas prices dropping just in time for the weekend

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Labor Day weekend is just days away and some people are gearing up to drive to their vacation destinations. Some may think they will spend a pretty penny on gas, but experts say drivers will actually save.

Don Redman with Louisiana AAA insurance said prices at the pump nationally will be almost 20 cents cheaper than last year's $3.54 and locally at $3.37.

Redman said it's because the price of crude oil has gone down, despite the tensions overseas.

"The market doesn't seemed to be necessarily fazed that anything that happens is going to necessarily, negatively impact the flow of oil,” said Redman “So that's why you've seen prices actually for the benefit of the consumer.”

Also, Redman said the new improvements to oil pipelines have made it easier for oil and gas to travel from middle Texas to the Gulf Coast.

He said this coming weekend drivers could see prices as low as $3.23 a gallon nationally and $3.05 in Baton Rouge.

LSU student Conner LeBlanc said he isn't complaining.

“I'm actually planning on going to Houston to go and support our Tigers,” said LeBlanc. “It's definitely going to help out and save us some spending money when we get there.”

Experts believe 35 million people will be traveling this weekend. They also say pay attention to international news because what happens there affects the U.S.

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