LSU smoke-free policy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students are back in class at LSU, and a new policy means a big change for some students.

LSU was one of several campuses to become tobacco-free this summer after a law was passed last year that said all campuses who get state money had to become smoke free.

LSU Police say the first of the year, the new policy will be based on an honor system because they do not have the staff to properly enforce it.

"As law enforcement, we enforce the laws and not necessarily policies and in this particular instance the law is that there must be a policy, but there's no law," said Captain Corey Lalonde with the LSU Police Department. "Smoking is not illegal in the state of Louisiana and there's no law or statute that we can use as law enforcement to enforce that."

The ban on tobacco is at all times, including LSU football games and concerts.

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