Gonzales City Council may introduce new version of budget

Gonzales City Council may introduce new version of budget

The city of Gonzales could be taking the next step toward a new budget.

After the city council did not override the mayor's veto at its last meeting, members are expected to introduce a new version of the overdue budget Monday night. However, there will be no vote at the meeting. The new budget must be introduced for two weeks before a vote can be taken, which means the earliest the city could have an approved budget would be mid-September.

The Gonzales City Council did not override two ordinances Monday that would reduce funding to the Gonzales Police Department and Ascension Economic Development Corporation. The city remains without an approved budget more than two months after the new fiscal year began.

The meeting also included a debate between Councilman Timothy Vessel Jr. and City Attorney Ryland Percy over what Vessel claims was Percy's financial backing of the campaign to recall from office Vessel and fellow Councilman Gary Lacombe.

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