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New rocket parachute technology saving pilots' lives


A tragic plane crash in Natchitoches over the weekend is not only affecting pilots there, but also across the rest of the ArkLaTex.

Even pilots like Colten Cavanaugh, who flies nearly 70 miles away, are feeling the loss.

"A lot of us are friends, family, we know each other," he said. "So whenever we hear about something like that, it's tragic."

Although the exact details of what happened on Sunday are still under investigation, Tubreaux Aviation is offering us a unique look inside the cockpit during an emergency situation.

Now in the flight simulator, where pilots train for emergencies, Cavanaugh said that most accidents happen within the first few seconds of take-off due to engine failure,
"majority of engine failures happen because of a fuel failure."

He said three things he keeps in mind during emergency training are to always fly the plane, check your instruments and look for a safe place to land.

There is new technology that is saving pilots lives across the globe. It's called CAPS short for Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. It's a rocket propelled parachute from the top of the plane that can safely bring the plane back to the ground. 

Cavanaugh said it sets his mind at ease having the technology on board. 

" If something happened, and you felt like your aircraft is unrecoverable, you have that safety system to take care of that for you," he said.

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