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Families say 2 house fires in Marbury are suspicious

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Two families in Autauga County want answers after fires destroyed their homes in blazes they believe were intentionally set. Both houses are in the town of Marbury. They sit only about a mile apart. And those who live in the area say the circumstances surrounding the fires are so similar, it raises suspicion.

Barbara Dorough grew up in a turn of the century, two-story home. All that's left now is rubble. "It was gone in one hour. It burned for days, but the whole house was burnt down in one hour," she says. Dourough's grandson was living in the house until the fire last Monday. The family believes it started in the kitchen.

"I honestly think somebody did it," says Dorough. "They burnt the barn about a week and a half to two weeks before they got the house, and they tried to burn my grandmother's trailer."

About a mile away, all that's left of Ann Corbett's house are ashes and debris. She watched her home burn to the ground July 21st. "I had not done laundry, I had not cooked, nothing was left on, nothing electrical that could have caused a fire." Corbett lost nearly everything she considered valuable.

"It's the little things like I kept my children's report card, the cards they would write on valentine's day, the Christmas cards, the little I love you moms, especially from my son who passed away, all of this little notes when he was a child was really precious." Ann Corbett's fire also started in the kitchen.

"If they would burn their house, and they also set a mobile home on fire, and burned their barn, so it makes me wonder, " Corbett says. "I would just like them to find the person who's setting people's homes on fire."

Now both families are looking for closure. "I just don't think somebody that sick needs to be running around out there. They need to put him away," says Dorough. "Now I don't sleep good at night I wonder if somebody's coning to my house."

Corbett goes on, "I mean, to destroy a person's home is devastating beyond words."

The Alabama State Fire Marshal and Autauga County Sheriff's Office confirm they're working together to investigate the fires, but that's all they can say right now.

No one was hurt in either fire.

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