Denham Springs woman wins Ride the Bull fishing tournament in Grand Isle

Denham Springs woman wins Ride the Bull fishing tournament in Grand Isle
(Source: Kalley Leroy)
(Source: Kalley Leroy)

GRAND ISLE, LA (WAFB) - A 26-year-old woman from Denham Springs walked away with the top prize at the Ride the Bull fishing tournament in Grand Isle this weekend.

The tournament is for kayaks and paddle boards.

Kalley LeRoy had a paddle board Saturday when she nailed a 26.14 pound bull red fish that was 40 inches long. Kalley weighs 115 pounds and was standing on a 12-foot long, 35-inch wide paddle board that weighs 35 pounds, and is only 3 inches thick. There were 732 kayaks at Bridge Side Marina on Grand Isle. Kalley fished with her husband and friends northwest of the Highway 1 bridge.

"My husband and I were, like, there was a big school that just came through," said LeRoy. "We both cast it out and they got caught on both lines at the same time, then both lost it, and then 10 minutes later, grabbed it again and went off. And I got to fight him for a little bit, but you hear everyone starts hoopin' and hollerin', waving paddles, trying to get the chase boats down."

Kalley and her husband play for the YOLO Fishing Paddle Board Company's team. She won $3,250 and a new kayak.

Final Standings for Ride the Bull V

1. Kalley LeRoy, Denham Springs 26.14

2. Eric Waller, Poplarville, Miss. 25.66

3. Michael Ussery, Lacombe 25.42

4. Eric LeMaitre, Mandeville 25.00

5. Rob Bergeron, Geismar 24.70

6. Perry Watts, Algiers 22.56

7. Brad Valtiera, Houston, Texas 22.48

8. DD Breaux, Baton Rouge 22.08

9. Phil Becker, Metairie 21.20

10. Joe Moore, Baton Rouge 20.68

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