Family issues public plea to help find 7-year-old's killer

Family issues public plea to help find 7-year-old's killer

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Loved ones are grieving the tragic death of a young boy they said was full of life and thrilled after getting a horse he had asked for so many times.

Terrez Coleman, 7, of Baker, was killed in what investigators are calling a random shooting. His family is asking for the public's help to find his killer.

"Somebody took my baby from me," said Felicia Coleman, the victim's mother.

A mother's pain echoed through the night after she learned that her only son was dead after getting hit by a bullet investigators reported was fired from a passing car traveling on Prescott Road in Baton Rouge.

"We saw blood on their clothes and I saw my son go down," Felicia Coleman explained.

She said firefighters at District 6 near Lanier Avenue tended to her children after the shooting. One of the Colemans' 11-year-old twin daughters was grazed by the bullet. She suffered minor injuries. However, her little brother was hit in the side and could not be saved. The family is left stunned and mourning the loss of a gentle, caring boy they say was ahead of his young years.

"A gentleman at all times and even though he was just seven, he had a lot of wisdom," Felicia Coleman added.

"It's really hard," Terry Coleman, the victim's father, said. "You're missing one of the main pieces of the family."

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office believes while the Colemans' car was heading west on Prescott near Joor Road, a dark-colored car passed them heading east. That's when the family heard a "pop." Investigators are now turning to anyone who may have answers.

"It's not just a tragedy for this family, but it's a tragedy for this community," said Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for EBRSO.

She added detectives currently have very little to go on and urges people to step forward with information in order to help a hurting family in need.

"Finding the suspect and bringing that person to justice is going to be a small step forward for that family to begin healing and as a community, we're going to have to help them take further steps," Hicks explained.

"He didn't have to go like he did. He took a bullet to the heart. He didn't have to die like that," Felicia Coleman stated.

The Colemans said they were on their way home to Baker after a long day of spending time with other family members when the shooting happened.

If you can help detectives solve this case, Crime Stoppers is offering a reward up to $2,500 for information about the shooting. Call 344-7867 to anonymously tell investigators what you know.

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