Family scrambling for answers after loved was hit by car

Family scrambling for answers after loved was hit by car

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A family in Baton Rouge is still scrambling for answers as to why a loved one was hit by a car. Authorities said 23-year old Darius Fisher was struck by a car on July11th, 2014.

The accident happened on E. Brookstown Dr. not far from Winbourne Ave. Shiquita Fisher is Darius's aunt. She said it's been more than a month and the family doesn't know who is responsible.

"All we know is that someone hit him, kept going, somebody else hit him and he was pint under a car," said Fisher.

Fisher explained her nephew was going to the store to get his girlfriend something to eat when the accident happened. She said he leaves behind a two-year old daughter behind. And that's why she is asking for anyone to help out.

"We need justice," said Fisher. "We need to know what happened. I know somebody heard or saw something. We need someone to step up and let us know something."

One way you can help is sending tips to Crime Stoppers. Sgt. Don Stone said any tips are valuable to get some of these crimes solved.

"It might be that little bit of information that you're able to provide those investigators with that will close that case and give that family of that loved of the particular crime some closure," said Stone.

If you know any information that could help solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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