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Manners of the Heart offers heartwork tips for parents

Jill Rigby Garner Jill Rigby Garner
BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With the start of the school year, parents must start thinking about homework, but they should not forget to also think about their heartwork.

Experts from Manners of the Heart has a list of 10 homework assignments for parents. Much is expected of teachers and administrators in the education of children.

The group wants to remind parents that there are also some things they can do to assist in a child’s success.

Raise the bar of expectation for yourself and your child
Replace self-esteem with self-respect
Attitudes behind the actions
Don't use don't
Use discipline not punishment
Reward with the privilege of helping a sibling
Teach children to take turns greeting guests at the door
Teach children to take turns walking guests to the door
Use encouragement rather than praise
Be the person you want your child to become.

We wish everyone a great school year.

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