Quarterback competition takes center stage at LSU Media Day

Quarterback competition takes center stage at LSU Media Day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The two players battling to be the starting quarterback for the Tigers have been off limits to the media during camp, but Sunday provided the opportunity to hear from them during LSU Media Day.

"Obviously, it's intense," Jennings said. "We both want to start."

"He's a guy who can run just like I can run," Harris said while smiling. "He's a guy who can throw just like I can throw."

"We both have strong arms. We both can throw the ball with the best of them, so it's just about having the team around us, having to be smart on the offensive end," Jennings added.

The two were not available for comments during the first week of camp, so when the microphones went hot for media day, they both had plenty to say.

"I feel like any guy who gives us the best opportunity to win and play. If that's me, I feel like I'm prepared and ready and I'm just continuing to develop and getting to the stage where I need to be at. It's a lot of football that you have to know when you're trying to play at a big stage like at LSU," Harris answered when asked if he feels like he's ready to be the starter now.

"I love the competition. That's what I thrive on. That's what I like. So, I think we'll push each other to get better each day and I wish the best for him and he wishes the best for me. So, we're always pushing each other," Jennings stated.

"It's a good relationship, I think. I think everything, we're just continuing to build our relationship," Harris added.

"It's no nerves. This is what happens when you come to LSU. They recruit players to come get your spot," Jennings said.

The two are walking the fine line of fighting passionately to be the guy behind center, without harboring any negative feelings towards the man they're trying to beat out.

"When you say friends, we are really, really good friends," Harris said.

"It's cool. We hang out, play the games sometimes, but I really don't hang out with him as much as others," Jennings said.

"What we've done is try to build something that's consistent, so we can help win a national championship," Harris added.

And while Harris has never played a real snap in college, he knows full well what he's getting into.

"When I got here, and this team won 10 games last year, and I'm going to be honest with you, it was the Great Depression around here. This team is used to contending for national championships and playing championship football," Harris told reporters.

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron gave his reasons on why the race for starting quarterback is so close.

"We've been in camp for one week and they're both teenagers," Cameron said. "And, they're both playing really, really at a high level right now in practice."

Meanwhile, head coach Les Miles threw in some of his usual humor when asked about the quarterback competition.

"When it's appropriate and when it's right or when two quarterbacks aren't going to play, we'll name a starter," Miles said. "And, I promise you we'll play a quarterback in every set."

Miles has closed practice for the rest of the Tigers training camp. He made the announcement just minutes after he and his team wrapped up a busy Sunday off the field with fan day and media day.

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