NAACP files lawsuit against EBR School Board

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The NAACP filed a lawsuit Friday challenging the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board's recent decision to shrink the number of seats available on the board.

The NAACP says the move will disproportionately affect black residents.

Last month, the board voted to shrink from 11 members to nine, meaning the new office will be made up of five majority white districts and four majority black districts.

The NAACP is saying this violates the constitution.

The decision was made to downsize after a controversial vote to redistrict the system. Board members could have chosen from five proposed redistricting plans. The various plans reduced the number of districts from the current 11 to as few as seven and as many as 10.

After several of the proposals were voted down, the board approved the nine-memberbody. Thosee in favor of a reduced board size said the change will make the unit more efficient. Those against the plan argued the number of people on the board is not the real issue.

"The larger board, the larger advocates that we have for these kids will help further this district," said board member Tarvald Smith of District 4. "We're fighting battles from the state and the legislature and we need those advocates for the kids."

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