Panel declares pit bull accused of biting person is 'dangerous'

Panel declares pit bull accused of biting person is 'dangerous'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman is fighting for her dog's life after a panel declared it is "dangerous."

A hearing on the matter was held Monday before a three-person panel at the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney's Office.

A pit bull belonging to Keesha Jackson of Baton Rouge allegedly bit a passerby in April. Jackson argued her dog is not the one that bit the victim. She claims the incident report indicates a black and white spotted dog in question, while her dog is completely grey.

However, the panel argued Jackson's pit bull had several claims against it, aside from the biting incident in April. These reports state the dog was roaming freely around the neighborhood and were used by the panel to deem it dangerous.

Director of the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control and Rescue Center, Hilton Cole, agreed with their decision. He insists that if citizens are complaining about a threatening animal, it is his responsibility to address it.

"We feel like it is our duty to respond to complaints and protect citizens from animals attacking them," he said.

Jackson remains resilient and is not stopping the fight to save her dog.

"My dog needs to be at home; she didn't do anything," Jackson said. "Why kill somebody if they didn't do anything? That's just like a human being."

Jackson has 10 days to appeal. If she does appeal, the case will go to court.

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