Non-students can take advantage of back-to-school deals

(RNN) – Not a student or don't have any students to shop for?

You can still take full advantage of the back-to-school sales and state's tax-free holidays, fulfilling various needs from new computers to new clothes.

Many tech retailers, like Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot are in the middle of back to school sales for computers, tablets and other devices students may need for school. If you need a new computer, retailers have dropped prices on top brand names like Apple, Dell and Sony products.

According to the website Deal News, prices drop in August, the best time to purchase new computers. But don't just stop at the store – online shoppers often turn to Amazon for sales on books and computers. If you need software from Microsoft Office or Adobe, those items will also be on sale at certain retailers as well.

But, for those looking for sweet deals on Apple products, beware: while Apple provides bundle deals and gift cards, for individual products, like a MacBook Air, BestBuy is often the best place to go.

But Deal News says beware of what appears to be great prices for the iPad and iPhone with new ones around the corner.


"Both devices are among the most sought-after gadgets, so it's no surprise to find retailers bundling them with their back-to-school promotions. But buyer beware - Apple is slated to refresh its iPhone and iPad line of devices as early as September, meaning that any back-to-school Apple bundle that might have caught your eye may not be as good a deal as you originally thought," Louis Ramierez, of Deal News, said.

For PC lovers, Dell products, including laptops, desktops and smartphones, are at affordable prices on their website and lots of goodies can be found in their clearance section.

The deal-saving website lists its best places to shop for deals during the back-to-school frenzy.

For clothes, shoes and dorm essentials, retailers like Target, Walmart and Coscto are having sales that will send students to school with the best for cheap.

Fifteen states will begin their statewide tax-free holidays on Aug. 1, and the deals are endless with purchases on clothes, office supplies and technology, depending on your state.

Check out all of the states with tax-free holidays by clicking here.

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