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Community to help ETX terminal cancer patient finish dream home


A terminal cancer patient is having his dream home finished with help from the community.

Rick Ozwalt of Longview was in the process of building he and his wife's dream home when he was diagnosed. Ozwalt and his wife moved into a trailer a year and a half ago while he began work on their dream home, until the devastating news came.

"He was diagnosed on July 1 this year with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We were all shocked because out of 62 years, he's never been to a hospital," says Rick's son Matt Ozwalt.

Rick has become very ill, so volunteers came to the rescue with equipment and supplies.

"Right now he's not physically able, and I know it's breaking his heart that he can't be out here helping," Matt says.

Those who volunteered were moved by Ozwalt's motivation to finish.

"When he got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, the first thing out of his mouth was, I can't leave your mom with nothing," says Matt.

"He wasn't worried about dying he was worried about leaving his wife with nowhere to live, and I think that's a very big man," says volunteer Tim Whitfield.

Their reward is to finish Rick's dream home.

"He's overwhelmed and can't believe there's so many good people willing to help," Matt says.

The volunteers hope to have Ozwalt's home finished in three weeks.

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